Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I order a book that I want to buy?

  1. Click on the "add to cart" b
  2. If you want to buy more books then click on the "Continue Shopping" link.
  3. Otherwise select your zone/ location and then click on the check out button. If you are not logged in you will need to register or login before checking out.
  4. After clicking on the checkout button, you will be taken to a form. Fill out the correct information and submit the form.
  5. Then select the preferred method of payment. If you select payment via credit card, you will be taken to a secure server where you can enter your credit card information.
  6. An email confirming your order will be sent to you.

2. How can I find a book I am looking for?

Type the name of the book or its author in the search books area and press go.

3. How do I pay you for the books I buy?

We accept credit card payments and payments via check. The following credit cards are accepted:

  • Visa,
  • MasterCard,
  • American Express,
  • Discover/Novus,
  • Diners Club and JCB

4. How can I order a large quantity of books?

To order a large quantity of books (weighing more than 20 kg) please contact us

  • Visa,
  • MasterCard,
  • American Express,
  • Discover/Novus,
  • Diners Club and JCB

5. I can't find the book I want to buy on your website.

Please contact us with information about the book you want.

6. Why should I register or create an account?

You need to register to place an order with us. Registering has the following additional benefits:

  • Receive member updates
  • Save list of your favorite books
  • Receive updates on selected books
  • Save your billing and shipping address to avoid typing them again and again while ordering.

7. How do you ship the books?

Shipping is done through Air Mail of Pakistan Postal service.

8. How long will it take the books to reach me?

Generally, it will take a maximum of three weeks to get the books delivered to you, depending on your location.